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CPER’s Quality Team consists of a group of dedicated individuals who has solidified their focus on Quality Improvement, system trends and system concerns.

Ang Burgess, Lead Quality Specialist
Kai Selvaratinam, Quality Specialist
Carrie Schneider, Quality Specialist
Kathy Winter, Quality Specialist/Research
Paramedic Practice Auditor Group

The Quality Program links the interrelated quality improvement and quality assurance functions. The Base Hospital is required to have an active quality assurance program to review documentation of Paramedic care. Each year the Quality Program reviews on average 30,000 completed ePCRs through multiple means including a random sample audit process with the proficiency and efficiency in quality chart auditing, call review and feedback the Quality Team is able to focus on the system concerns and enact true quality improvement across our region.

The Quality Team staff supports the CPER program by providing leadership, expertise, advice and enthusiasm. Quality is committed to creating a Culture of Safety across our region to allow the more than 1800 Paramedics in our region the ability to provide the best possible care.