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Initial Certification

The successful completion of an initial certification event is required in order for a Paramedic to perform their skill set(s) within the CPER region. CPER hosts Primary Care Certification events on a regular basis throughout the year, and hosts Advanced Care certification events to coincide with the Provincial MOH ACP examination.

In order to be eligible to attend a CPER certification event, a candidate must have successfully completed a recognized Paramedic college program, have an offer of employment from a Service Operator, and adhere to the MOH guidelines with respect to the Provincial certification examination. Upon receipt of documents supporting the above mentioned requirements, along with a certification request submitted by the Service Operators, CPER will register a candidate in an upcoming certification event.

Certification events are generally held at the CPER office in Stoney Creek. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet CPER staff members, gain further insight with respect the Medical Directives and ask any questions they may have.

During these events, candidates will attend presentations from both the Quality and Education departments, and will be required to successfully complete written evaluations, skills stations, scenarios and/or interviews. Upon successful completion of these requirements, the Medical Director will grant certification to the candidate at their respective level of care.

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