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Academic (Student) Certification

Academic certification with CPER allows Paramedics to perform a subset of Delegated Medical Acts while under the direct supervision of a preceptor at one of the service operators within the CPER region. The preceptor must be fully certified with CPER at a level at or above the level of the student, with a minimum of 6 months full time equivalent experience. 

Candidates must have completed the educational requirements prescribed by their respective college prior to attending a certification event.


In order to be granted academic certification, candidates must successfully complete a student certification evaluation. An application for such an evaluation must be submitted to the CPER office. CPER may audit the final college evaluation, or may hold a separate certification event.

Successful completion of the academic certification event will result in the candidate receiving academic certification. This level of certification will allow the candidate to progress through preceptorship, and expires upon completion of all college requirements for graduation.

Academically certified candidates are subject to the CPER's – Quality processes, and CPER reserves the right to appoint remediation requirements, or to withdraw academic certification from any candidate during the preceptorship phase.


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