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In order to perform delegated medical acts in the province of Ontario, Paramedics must be certified by a Regional Base Hospital (RBH). The Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) provides such certification for Paramedics at the Primary and Advanced Care levels for a total of 9 EMS Service Operators in the Western Region of the province.

In order to receive initial certification, Paramedics must have successfully completed all requirements of a recognized Paramedic Program, and be in receipt of supporting documentation. Each Paramedic must also successfully complete the provincial certification exam at their respective level of care, as well as successfully complete an initial certification event conducted by an RBH.

Paramedics attending a CPER certification event can expect to be evaluated on their ability to apply the provincial Medical Directives safely and effectively. Evaluation methods may include, but are not limited to, high fidelity simulation scenarios, skills stations, candidate interviews, and/or written evaluations.

Cross Certification

A Paramedic who is currently certified with one Regional Base Hospital (RBH) within the province of Ontario may be granted certification with the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) under the following conditions:

  • The Paramedic submits an application for certification to CPER while holding current certification with an alternate RBH at an equal or higher level of practice.
  • An offer of employment from an EMS operator under the jurisdiction of CPER is verified.
  • The Paramedic’s certification is deemed to be in good standing at the time of application.
  • Any ongoing CQI or remediation processes must be completed prior to cross certification being granted.

CPER may require the Paramedic to complete additional requirements as determined throughout the evaluation process or upon review by a CPER Medical Director.

This application permits the respective RBH to share any and all information with respect to certification history.

Student Certification

Student certification with CPER allows Paramedics to perform a subset of Delegated Medical Acts while under the direct supervision of a preceptor at one of the service operators within the CPER region. The preceptor must be fully certified with CPER at a level at or above the level of the student.

Candidates must have completed the educational requirements prescribed by their respective college prior to attending a certification event.

In order to be granted student certification, candidates must successfully complete a student certification evaluation. An application for such an evaluation must be submitted to the CPER office. CPER may audit the final college evaluation, or may hold a separate certification event.

Successful completion of the student certification event will result in the candidate receiving student certification. This level of certification will allow the candidate to progress through preceptorship, and expires upon completion of all college requirements for graduation.

Student certified candidates are subject to the CPER – Quality processes, and CPER reserves the right to appoint remediation requirements, or to withdraw student certification from any candidate during the preceptorship phase.

Student certified ACPs are precluded from performing Schedule 3 Acts as per the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Initial Certification

The successful completion of an initial certification event is requirement in order for a Paramedic to perform their skill set(s) within the CPER region. CPER hosts Primary Care Certification events on a regular basis throughout the year, and hosts Advanced Care certification events to coincide with the Provincial MOH ACP examination.

In order to be eligible to attend a CPER certification event, a candidate must have successfully completed a recognized Paramedic college program, have an offer of employment from a Service Operator, and adhere to the MOH guidelines with respect to the Provincial certification examination. Upon receipt of documents supporting the above mentioned requirements, along with a certification request submitted by the Service Operators, CPER will register a candidate in an upcoming certification event.

Certification events are generally multi-day events held at the CPER office in Stoney Creek. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet CPER staff members, gain further insight with respect the Medical Directives and ask any questions they may have.

During these events, candidates will attend presentations from both the QualityI and Education departments, and will be required to successfully complete written evaluations, skills stations, scenarios and/or interviews. Upon successful completion of these requirements, the Medical Director will grant certification to the candidate at his or her respective level of care.

Certification Request Forms

Please ensure to download the approprate PDF form and send the completed electronic file to

Compatible with Adobe Pro and Adobe Reader 8 or later.

The Certification Request Form PDF documents are working documents which require the user to fill out the required fields electronically.

Please do not scan or print the document when attempting to submit a form. Submitting the PDF as a scanned copy removes the ability to fill out the remaining fields with the document.

When filling out the digital signature field, DO NOT check the box "Lock Document After Signing" see image.

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