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Return to Practice Form

When a Paramedic is inactive from clinical practice for a period of greater than 90 days, the Paramedic is administratively deactivated. While on administrative deactivation does not relate to the performance of the Paramedic in any way, they are required to undergo a Return to Practice (RTP) process prior to having their certification reinstated. This RTP process will allow for a safe and comfortable re-entry to clinical practice for the Paramedic.

The RTP process will begin upon CPER receiving the appropriate RTP documentation from the Service Operators. A RTP plan is created by CPER and the details of this plan are forwarded to the Service Operator for completion.

When creating a RTP plan, CPER follows a set of guidelines, while at the same time considering any relevant activities the Paramedic may have been performing while away from clinical practice. With that in mind, the RTP plan is personalized to the needs of the Paramedic, to encourage a seamless transition back to full duties. The RTP process is specifically designed to be supportive in nature and may include scenarios, skills assessments, clinical rotations, written evaluations, Paramedic interviews and/or other requirements that may be deemed necessary by CPER.

Individual Needs Self Assessment Form

The goal of CPER’s Return to Practice (RTP) process is to offer a Paramedic the opportunity to reorient themselves to the clinical environment after a period of absence, in a supportive and educational manner. Please complete this form and return it to your Service. The information gathered will be used in a partnership approach with you to develop your Individualized RTP plan and to help prepare you for a safe return to the road. Confidence in a particular area is important to recognize while we touch base in all required areas.