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The Education team at the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) consists of three Paramedic Educators and contract instructors with support from administration personnel and IT.

All three Paramedic Educators have a vast amount of experience as paramedics and in education delivery to paramedics. They bring an immense amount of knowledge and resources that will allow CPER to provide the best service to the EMS Operators and paramedics in our catchment area.

Services provided by the Paramedic Educators include:

  • Liaison for Service Operators and Paramedics
  • Development and delivery of Continuing Medical Education (CME) through “face to face” education and electronic delivery formats.
  • Develop and deliver Annual Practice Review to the Paramedics in our Region.
  • Delivery of education on Auxiliary Medical Directives .
    Link to CQI – the development and implementation of an educational plan for the Region linked to Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives.
  • Paramedic Remediation from CQI errors and omissions.
    Initial Certification coordination and evaluation for ACPs and PCPs.

The three Paramedic Educators cooperatively work together to collectively provide coverage of all services within our catchment area to act as the Service Operator and Paramedic Liaison. Paramedics can contact any Paramedic Educator as a point of contact at CPER.

The Paramedic Educators are Greg Soto, John Gyuran, and Stephanie Orr.

Contact information for the Educators: