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Cross Certification

A Paramedic who is currently certified with one RBHP within the province of Ontario may be granted certification with CPER under the following conditions:

  • An offer of employment from an EMS operator under the jurisdiction of CPER is verified.
  • The hiring EMS Operator/Paramedic submits an application for certification to CPER while holding current certification with an alternate RBHP at an equal or higher level of practice.
  • The Paramedic’s certification is deemed to be in good standing at the time of application.
  • Any ongoing CQI or remediation processes must be completed prior to cross certification being granted.

CPER may require the Paramedic to complete additional requirements as determined throughout the evaluation process or upon review by a CPER Medical Director.

This application permits the respective RBHP to share any and all information with respect to certification history.

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