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Regional Manager / Director

Tim Dodd

Tim has worked in EMS for 25 years starting his career in the Niagara Region and Haldimand County as a Primary Care Paramedic moving to an Advanced Care Paramedic in 1998. It was at this point that Tim became very interested in education for Paramedics.

Tim began his journey in education by getting involved with the local college, local Base Hospital and began precepting fellow Paramedics. Tim applied for a position with the Hamilton Base Hospital in a Coordinator’s role moving to Manager largely dealing with the delivery of education and certification courses to approximately 500 Paramedics.

When the Base Hospital system in Ontario was restructured by the Ministry of Health, the number of Base Hospital programs was set as 8 across the province. Tim was hired as the Manager of Education at the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) and worked with a team of three Paramedic Educators to revamp the education and certification program in the CPER region. Tim now holds the position of Regional Program Manager/Director at CPER largely involved in moving the program forward and standardizing operations with the other 7 Base Hospital Programs in the province.

In his spare time Tim enjoys being an active father in his son's life. Tim also enjoys hobby farming on his small farm raising chickens, pigs, sheep, a horse and growing his own hay.