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ACP/PCP PCS Version 4.9

Version 4.9 of the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards (ALS PCS) is now in effect.

The revisions to these Standards include changes to paramedic clinical practice. The Ontario Base Hospital Group (OBHG) Education Subcommittee has prepared a support document that discusses these practice changes.

The Ontario Paramedic Clinical Guide mobile application has been updated with the ALS PCS v.4.9.

The ALS PCS version 4.9 and the support materials available in this article are available in the usual Medical Directives section of the site from February 1 forward.

 Consult the Documents

Paramedics should review the OBHG ALS PCS v.4.9 Memo and familiarize themselves with the revised medical directives in the ALS PCS v.4.9. You may also wish to refer to the Ministry of Health's Summary of Changes for ALS PCS v.4.9.

The OBHG Education Committee has provided an updated Companion Document for ALS PCS v.4.9 as well as a Companion Document Summary of Changes.

Download Medical Directives