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Process Maps

Process mapping is a workflow diagram to crete understanding of process or series of parallel process.

The Quality Program has a completed all of its processes which will assist to identify improvements for effciency and standardization regionally and provincially. The goal is to provide better service to our Paramedics, stakeholders and community.

 Please click on the images below to see the full resolution process map


Quality Process Overview & Integration 

CPER Quality Processes



Call Clarification Process  

The clarification process is utilized when a possible documentation or patient care concern is identified during the initial audit. The purpose of these clarifications is to provide further understanding and supplement the information documented on the ACR/ePCR/eACR. 

                                                                           Call Clarification Process                                                   

Call Review Process  

The call review process incorporates a focused review of a call including documentation, patient care concerns, omissions and/or commissions. Information is collected through a patch review, Paramedic Interviews, email correspondence and review of supporting information.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Call Review Process                                                                                                                                              


Call Investigation Process

The investigation process is utilized to formally evaluate the Paramedic(s) practice and is initiated     in those circumstances where a potential critical or complicated major variance is identified. 


Call Investigation Process



CAREReport Process   

The Base Hospital strives to improve not only individual paramedic performance but system performance through clinical audit, self-reports, and educational processes. All processes are linked in order to reach a common goal, to improve patient safety and outcomes. The CareReport process is an adaptation of the former self-reporting function which encourages more communication from Paramedics in the form of Good Catches, Self-reports,  Difficult or Unusual Circumstances, Documentation Concerns, Patch Failures, Questions or Feedback. 

  CareReport Process