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CPER Digest

You and your partner are called for a patient complaining of a “racing heart”. Upon your arrival you find a 38 year old female patient sitting on her living room floor leaning against a couch. The patient is alert and oriented and appears to be in moderate distress. The patient tells you that she had a sudden onset of “racing heart” while at rest. She has experienced this before. She denies any chest pain or discomfort. She has associated complaints of weakness and dizziness when she attempts to stand. Together you and your partner begin to assess the patient while gathering a more detailed history. The patient states that she has a history of tachycardia/palpitations for which she takes diltiazem. She states that she has no allergies. You complete a set of vitals which are as follows: HR 180bpm, weak and regular, RR 18/min, regular and full with no adventitious sounds, SPO2 98% on room air, BP 124/60. Together, you and your partner examine the Lead II ECG strip below.

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