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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

What is CME?  

Continuing Medical Education (CME) allows paramedics to maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills as prehospital practitioners with respect to common clinical circumstances. CME also allows paramedics to learn about challenging clinical situations that occur less often in the field but may be of a serious nature "high acuity, low frequency". Through our classroom, eMedic and self-study programs, we endeavour to provide core knowledge as well as new learning opportunities for all CPER paramedics. Where space permits at classroom CME, opportunities may be available for paramedic students and paramedics certified by other Regional Base Hospitals.

 What are my CME requirements?

Requirements for CME credits will reflect the provincial mandate:

  • 24 credits for ACPs and 8 credits for PCPs.
  • As always, all paramedics will be required to attend an Annual Practice Review in each calendar year. Paramedics who are unable to attend their APR due to being off from work on an approved leave of absence will still be required to met this requirement, however will be allowed to receive the content in a different format (online videos, eMedic, etc).

In addition to successful completion of the 8 credit Annual Practice Review, ACPs are required to obtain an additional 16 CREDITS of CME during each certification year.

The deadline for CME completion is November 24, 2017 at 1600hrs.

Please click HERE for the 2017 CME Program and Catalogue

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