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Questions answered in this AskMED session

 2:15 - Glucagon intranasal? Medically appropriate route, but not in our directives. Wouldn't having more options for paramedics to choose the best route for a given patient be best?

4:05 - Patient is on suboxone and is experiencing severe pain from an acute condition. Is the medical directive for pain management still appropriate, or could a modification been needed (with patch of course)? I have heard/read that these patients may required larger doses of opiates to overcome the buprenorphine.

5:59 - I have heard from multiple people (service trainers, BHPs etc) that hemostatic agents are only to be packed in the extremities and that their use in the trunk is limited to topical application only, no packing. However the BLS only states not to pack cranial wounds. Are we supposed to use the hemostatics to pack trunk wounds as well?

8:15 - The medical directives state that ketorolac is to be routinely considered for renal colic. Is there a reason that acetaminophen should not also be administered to this patient?