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The Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) is a strong advocate for the Paramedic profession and believes in advancement through education, quality and research. Partnered with our nine EMS Operators we are dedicated to leading the way to excellence in the pillars of our service; medical oversight, clinical education, quality improvement, and research.

There are 4111 Advanced Care Paramedics and 956 Primary Care Paramedics in our region who are certified to perform controlled medical acts and advanced skills listed in the Ontario Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards. These Paramedics deliver a high standard of care to over 2 million citizens in the area and respond to over 200,000 ambulance calls annually with the support of our dedicated team.

The strength of the our program stems from the clinical connection that many CPER staff have from their background as Paramedics. In addition we believe strongly in maintaining peer Paramedic involvement in our education and quality programs as we look at ways to increase our support to the Paramedics in our region. CPER achieves a high level of service through innovative projects such as our on-site simulation lab that is the replica of an ambulance, an on-site training room, our in house electronic audit system and a customized Learning Management System. We will be enhancing services with a soon to be released Paramedic information gateway called MedicNet that will enable Paramedics to view their records by logging into our system.

In 2012 CPER was successful in passing the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Emergency Health Services Branch, Base Hospital review process. CPER was able to demonstrate that dedicated staff and innovative programming have not only fulfilled but in many cases exceeded the Ministry’s requirements of core service. At CPER we look forward to rising to new heights as we continue service to our partners and realize our vision to lead excellence in prehospital care.

Mission Statement

To promote outstanding prehospital care for the communities we serve through innovation and excellence in medical oversight, clinical education, quality improvement, and research.

Vision Statement

We will lead excellence in prehospital care.


Excellence: We will achieve the highest quality in all that we do.

Innovation: We will be creative and open to new ideas and opportunities.

Accountability: We will create value and accept responsibility for our activities.

Teamwork: We will support each other and work together as “one”.

Respect: We will treat every person with dignity and courtesy.

Caring: We will act with concern for the well-being of every person.