AskMED 2017 (4) - September 19, 2017


Questions answered in this AskMED session


1:27 - A question in regards to a fulid bolus, if we start a bolus due to the patient being hypotensive when do we stop, when the patient becomes normotensive or when the calculated bolus is complete assuming the patient does not show signs of fuild overload. 

8:37 - As per the new ALS directives, we can access CVAD. Why are PICCs not included?

12:44 - How come ACP students can not perform schedule 3 acts while under the supervision of their ACP preceptors but will be able to perform those interventions when they are certified ACPs working autonomusly?

14:40 - With the recent success of DSD in other services and Base Hospitals, why has there not been some communication out to Paramedics in the CPER teaching area about this skill at least so they can think about it when they encounter a patient in these circumstances?

19:55 - In a patient with a tachestomy and no attachment in place, what's the best way to ventilate?

23:38 - In regards to the Adult Analgesia directive, it is my understanding that you want us to medicate suspected hip fractures but not suspected pelvic fractures. There are times when it can be different to differentiate between them as there is not always obvious shortening and external rotation of the hip fracture. When to give and when to withhold?


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